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Wednesday Night ICONS (because James was away)

That Hoodoo That You Do, Part I
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Scorcher and the Mighty Absorbo are in the Mic Mac Mall (a real mall in Halifax, but my details other than the name are entirely made up). They've already bought lingerie at La Senza, and they run into Beef. Scorcher has to say hi, figuring it won't be a big violation of her parole if Absorbo is right beside her. Beef seems distracted, and says, "Uh, you're going to take her to a restaurant outside the mall, right? Someplace nice that isn't the food court?" In fact, he's insistent about it. Absorbo names a place that is nice but that a grad student can afford, and Beef seems satisfied.

Absorbo figures this is a sign. He excuses himself and moves a few meters away, while Beef takes the opportunity to say, "What are you doing with an egghead science nerd anyway? Dump him--" Absorbo phones Mole Man and Weather Witch and tells them to show up at the mall because something's going down. There are both a bank and a Zales jewelry story near the food court, so either could be a target. Absorbo takes Scorcher outside the mall and makes a deal with her: they will go for dinner, but first they have to hang around the food court and make sure things are okay.

She fills him in on the local criminal situation: organized crime in Halifax is controlled by the Octofather, so-called because he consolidated eight groups: three Mafia families, two biker gangs, one triad, and two street gangs. But lately, Sister Hoodoo's been trying to make an inroad (she's the lieutenant for Baron Kriminel in the States), so Beef is here to protect Octofather's guys.

Absorbo puts Scorcher's purchases in a locker at the mall. They both hang out in the Zales window-shopping until things start to happen.

The food court itself is open to all three floors. Above the food court is an installation--some pterodactyls and Icarus if he were imitating a pterodactyl. Weather Witch and Mole Man drive up, each in their own vehicles, and enter...and spot the two men in pinstripe suits carrying violin cases. Weather Witch gets close enough to overhear one saying, in a Cape Breton accent, "It's bad enough that the boss makes us wear these suits when we have to make an example of someone, but I can't do the Italian accent."

"I got depths," says the other one. "I'll do it." (He does, by the way, a terrible Italian accent.)

There is a service corridor which contains two gentlemen of African heritage and a buyer, holding a baggie with what might be an illicit material. Behind them is a blonde Caucasian man in a Sailor Moon t-shirt with a mustard stain. Before them are the two pinstripe gentlemen, now with their weapons out of the violin cases. (Weather Witch peeks.) The weapons vaguely resemble plastic Tommy guns.

"We are given to understand that you are operating in our turf, and we are not pleased. More importantly, the Octofather is not pleased," says one of the pinstriped men.

Absorbo starts moving inconspicuously across the food court. That is why he notices the construction of Icarus come loose and start making lazy circles. At this point, the resemblance between the guy who bought the Evil Eagle franchise and Icarus becomes obvious.

Mole Man stupefies everyone by leaping in the fray, saying his catchphrase, and intimidating them all. Weather Witch takes advantage of this by handcuffing one of the pinstriped fellows but doesn't manage to get the other. And the mustard-stained guy steps between the two darker gentlemen and Mole Man. He assumes they are there to help him, because they have taken out one of his enemies.

Evil Eagle tries to get Mole Man, but his power nullification doesn't work, and he suffers from backlash. Absorbo several times stunts TK off his binding. Beef gets a couple of good shots in, but in the end, the Halifax heroes prevail and get the police in to arrest Evil Eagle, Beef, Updown (whose powers were TK: What he pointed to with his right hand flew up, and what he pointed to with his left hand got flattened, and both had to go off) and the four normals. (Scorcher has been eating popcorn, drinking pop, and watching.)

They discover that the pinstriped fellows were sent personally by the Octofather. They also discover that the police have had warrants for him several times but have never found anything. But they have the Octofather's address, so they go, after a brief talk about mental shields. As in, only Weather Witch has one. She attempts to stunt, giving all of them hers. (She's successful but they roll terribly when it's time, so it's like they don't have one.)

(There's also a side bit where it turns out that Absorbo uses the names of the houses in Hogwarts for certain sex acts, and apparently Scorcher does not seem assertive enough in resisting Absorbo's she drives to the mansion with Weather Witch, who tries to assure her that she can refuse those sorts of requests. Apparently, though, Scorcher is very fond of doing Slytherin, hates Hufflepuff, and thinks Gryffindor is pretty nice. Ravenclaw she can take or leave. Maybe, she says, it's a man thing. The acts themselves were never specified, thank goodness.)

They get in because Scorcher knows Judy, who works the gate intercom. All the staff seem to be pretty women in scanty butler uniforms (hot pants and tails). They agree to get the, Mr. Ribucci. He walks in, looking to two of them like Marlon Brando in The Godfather. To the other, he's an octopus-headed alien with green skin, yellow eyes, and a respirator, who talks by telepathy. He assures them he's innocent, and two of them believe it. The other pretends to believe it.

Once they're far away, Weather Witch tells them what really happened, and they go to see Crown Attorney McCormick. He'd love to arrest the Octofather, but one of his assistants says the man's innocent (oddly enough, that man was at the Octofather's house....) and no warrants have ever turned up evidence. (The Octofather is also a major sponsor of the super-prison from last session.) If the heroes can get evidence, McCormick can have the case tried in the province's sole courtroom with power nullifiers.

The heroes are interrupted by reports of a shootout (guns vs. blasters) right by their headquarters. They rush over and discover two gangs, one black, one mixed race, and two panel trucks filled With some talking, they find out what happened. Yes, both gangs arrived to spruce up the headquarters as a thank-you/bribe to the heroes from Octofather and Sister Hoodoo, and got into a battle. Octofather's gang turns out to be guys from Staples who have no idea why they're there. Sister Hoodoo's guys also pretend that they were mind-controlled, but are obviously lying. One tries to escape by jumping off the pier, but the Atlantic is cold in November.
They have the address for Sister Hoodoo's distribution warehouse. That's clearly the next stop.