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Wednesday Night ICONS

That Hoodoo That You Do, Part II
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They had the address of the warehouse that Sister Hoodoo was using as a staging ground. They went there: it was about a block from the docks and the ocean.

The Mighty Absorbo floated up and looked in the window. He saw a woman (Pocket), who sensed him and everyone else--so Absorbo went away and called 911.

Except that the 911 operator turned out to be Trudy from Truro who had dated Absorbo, and recognized his voice. And talking to him opened too many painful memories so someone else had to handle the call. (This is called using the aspect "Looking for a super girlfriend". You have to figure there's an ex-non-super-girlfriend in there. Though Absorbo looked like much more of a cad by the time these two episodes were done.)

Peerless went up and knocked, then broke open the door (it was locked) Someone (Flying Ace, actually) shot at him. There was a fight, that ended when Peerless got the electrical wires from the fluorescent lights--but in the meantime,  Pocket was knocked out by the Mole Man, the Mighty Absorbo bound Bazooka in hard air and carried him over the water, Peerless cleverly arranged for Flying Ace to fly into a post, and although Split Second got in a shot or two Peerless knocked him out. That was when the police arrived.

Afterward, Mighty Absorbo was back in his lab stabilizing his molecules. He found a  note from Scorcher that said "Meet me at my place."

Black Rose called Peerless and used code words that indicate she'd been kidnapped, though the ostensible meaning was that Peerless should meet her at an abandoned warehouse. He then phoned the others. Every time he tried to get Weather Witch, he could reach her but she was busy. (She was a dedicated doctor, after all.)

On the way to Scorcher's place, the Mighty Absorbo saw his sister, who told him it was a trap. She'd say more, but she was compelled to go to Mount Holyoke cemetery in the center of town (almost as if called by a voodoo ceremony).

Sorry, Weather Witch couldn't help because she's on call in emergency ward.

They went go to Scorcher's (Belinda Allen's) place: light didn't work, place was filled with balloons (that contain silvery dust that improved the effects of Illusion power but they never figured that out).

The Mighty Absorbo went in as fire, popped some balloons, Peerless decided to borrow fan and extension from next door and blow dust into bathroom; Mighty Absorbo and Mole Man got dust on them.

They found out the figure of a person on bed was sheets wrapped up and a tape player playing breathing sounds.

The phone rang. The woman on the other end said that if the police came, the hostages would die. The heroes should come to Mount Holyoke Cemetery.

In cemetery, there was a big circle of cornmeal, with Maria, the sister-as-ghost, in pentacle with circle, and with a metal jar; the Black Rose in a circle; Scorcher in a square; Sister Hoodoo in a triangle. A trough of some dark liquid (blood) sat in the center, surrounded by four shadowy translucent almost transparent shapes. Sister Hoodoo had a bottle (of Coke, which smells of Coke and rum; the Coke was because Coke adds life), and a scepter.

Mighty Absorbo bound her with earth, destroying circles: ghosts disappeared. Subsequent speeches by Scorcher and Black Rose indicated they were possessed (don't say right things).

Mole Man has sneaked in using tunnelling; Peerless was stealthy.

Lightning flashed, hit a nearby tree. Maria's ghost was knitted into the jar by 45 white spiders.

Mole Man came up through tunnel; 4 skeletons followed him (Prowess 3; zombie stats more or less).

Peerless grabbed Sister Hoodoo's necklace, which twined around his arm and fought him like a snake would (illusion).

Mole Man fought the skeletons. As the skeletons left the circle, they exploded, but it wasn't clear that they exploded because they had left the ruptured circle or because of the force of Mole Man's blows.

Sister Hoodoo disappeared, leaving a shell of earth inside it.

Mighty Absorbo and Peerless got their respective DNPCs out of geometry. Sister Hoodoo reappeared elsewhere, said that the loa can transport them.

Mole Man hit her focus--er, hit her Coke bottle--and knocked it free.

Mighty Absorbo turned to argon, sat on her space so she was breathing argon.

Lightning struck the area near them.

Sister Hoodoo expanded her force field, move the Mighty Absorbo away but illusion goes away: She was still bound.

Peerless had brilliant idea, threw coin at Mighty Absorbo, who turned to copper, as a giant lightning rod.

Lightning struck Mighty Absorbo and Sister Hoodoo, and she was out (he spent determination, got stamina back)

Story ended with Scorcher maybe/maybe not possessed, Black Rose definitely possessed, and Maria sucked into jar.. Everyone got an extra point of starting determination.