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GM's Notes, The Copying Problem

The index of our ICONS adventures | James' description here.

All right, as mentioned, I think I had too much stuff in the adventure. In practice, I cut out most of the plagiarism stuff: we didn't really get back to the Thompson twins, and I did far too much leading people around. So less set up and backstory next time.

That being said, here's the backstory. Glimm's house century or so ago invented these duplicators. They were wildly popular--thousands of them were made--and a significant number of them were issued to space scouts. You take one sample of whatever you want, and duplicate it, and eat one, store the other. Makes space travel relatively light, makes it easy to build the air supplies, the water supplies, the food, and so forth. The duplicators had a quarantine setting: if you weren't sure that whatever you duplicated (say, a local sample) was safe, you could put them both in a pocket dimension.

And as they got used, Glimm's people discovered that the energy to make the matter actually came from another dimension. The stars there. And the natives weren't happy that Glimm's people were sucking up the stars. So they threatened war on Glimm's people and the duplicators were destroyed, and the technology became illegal.

Except one. That one belonged to a scout who suffered a mishap and gave his equipment to Ms. Thompson, who--because lots of people were getting stuff from dying aliens--used it to fight crime. (Apparently she had a cool superhero name picked out but because her first fight was in an electrical plant, the first paper to document her nicknamed her the Dynamo Rose, and she became Dynamo Rose for the rest of her career.)

The alien didn't speak English. Ms. Thompson thought the thing was essentially a Phantom Zone projector, and she used it on really nasty criminals or criminals that she didn't have a hope of beating twice. You know, like the robot who was programmed to destroy all life on earth, or the guy who was a living collapsar, or Ms. Circe, or the dreaded and innocuously-named demon called Key Chain.

About a third of the way into her career, Ms. Thompson found herself as a single mother to one girl. And in a sleep-deprived fit, she was fiddling with the phantom zone projector ("Always meant to get around to this") and she duplicated the baby. She decided to get rid of the duplicator, so she boxed it up and gave it to Poseidon (they knew each other: there is the possibility that he is the girl's--girls'?--father) to keep safe at the bottom of the sea.

Well, Ms. Thompson passed away just before Christmas break.

And then Lorn told his dad that Ms. Thompson had died. And he took the duplicator and decided to have Lorn give it to the local equivalent of the Justice League. But Lorn couldn't help fiddling with he set Key Chain and Ms. Circe free, and their copies. Now the demon didn't get copied, but his human host did, and Ms. Circe did, so all four got released: two Ms. Circes, one Key Chain, and one Ronald DeGrassi, accountant and demon host for an organization that no longer exists. One of the Ms. Circe copies and Mr DeGrassi want nothing more than to explore this new world and possibly hang out together. Ms. Circe the other and Key Chain wanted to kill Dynamo Rose, or lacking that, her nearest blood relatives.

And part of the reason why Glimm's dad took the job as ambassador to Earth was to track down this last duplicator (and the rest of the scout's tech), which might be, well, anywhere. (She's now on the NPC page, so you can see what she had.)

Most of the other information is in James' description or the comments. I don't think Hari turned himself in to Mr. Baron--he said he found the nearest teacher, probably the history teacher, and found out what the procedure actually was.