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ICONS: Under Quarantine Zone

James' writeup of this session | The index of our ICONS adventures

This was the second part to The Copying Problem from last session, but though it was a continuation of the same elements, it feels like a different adventure, so a different name.

I was actually pretty pleased with this adventure, even though it went in a totally different direction than I thought. (I had carefully constructed the robots so that Sari could defeat them on her own, so when she pissed one off and got sent to the quarantine zone, I had no idea what was going to happen next...still Sari got overshadowed by others, but she did take down one robot by herself and provided the others with the clues to take down another, and she dealt with The Mad Twin.)

Neil attacked a robot to no effect, but he tried to give Sari time to get away. Neil might like Sari; his self-education on the occult is to the point of "got lots of basics down but can't work magic yet." He might never be able to work magic, despite Hari's belief that anyone can tap into the power of the Cerulean Light. (That might turn out to be genetic, and they've never noticed because everyone in the pocket dimension has the allele...)

Should have given Rumspringa a determination point for putting herself between Whipfinger and Paul (obeying the "must protect" thing).

We now know that Paul has Hellfire (er, Soulfire), but that using it makes him more like Lucifer, his dad.

Dr. Bailey's excuse for the sonic cannon (Blast 9, takes three panels to recharge): "I took it from a student."

Not all the students from HPS were in the pocket dimension yet: the robots hadn't rounded everyone up.

At the end of the session, Rumspringa bought Medicine as a specialty.


This space reserved for writeups of the bad guys. Remember that there are two of each of them. And all of them had a Challenge like "With the Top Dog Pack".

Black Hole

Gravity controller with phasing.

Prowess Intellect Specialties
Coordination Awareness Area: Pocket Universe; Military; Science: Physics; Gravity Control
Strength Willpower Powers
Stamina Determination-Gravity Control 6 (Movement, Attack, Create); Phasing 4
With the pack of top dogsArrogant
ID: Physicist 


I had some other name for him, but the players called him Whipfinger, and Whipfinger he shall remain. One hand was fused into a long tentacle whip thingie so he had TK with it, and the other hand had claws.

Coordination6Awareness4Area: Pocket Universe; Military
Stamina Determination-TK (whipfinger/tentacle) 4; Claws 6 (Stunt: use whip tentacle to pull things onto the claws); Danger Sense 7
With the pack of top dogsOnly one hand; not much fine manipulation with TK (it's a tentacle)


No one ever found out his name, so I reserve the right to change it to PDQ or something if I need to.

Prowess Intellect Specialties
Coordination Awareness Area: Pocket Universe; Military
Strength Willpower Powers
Stamina Determination-Superspeeed 8
With the pack of top dogs 


Our own little Sentinel, only about seven feet tall. The power duplication is all Wizardry.

Coordination5Awareness6Area: Pocket Universe; Military; Mastery: Wizardry(Awr) to copy other people's skills
Stamina Determination-Invulnerability 5; Detect (Powers) 9; Wizardry 8 (Flight, Alteration Ray)
Directive to purge world of those outside human normWeakness: Both Transformation and Mind Shield involve extruding vulnerable plasm beyond Invulnerability
Won't attack "normal" humans except in self-defenceWizardry can only duplicate powers that have been used on it or (in the case of senses) that it has Detected and analyzed (a two-panel action)