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Last night's gaming... (First Crush)

The index of our ICONS adventures | James' writeup for this session

Was good. For no particular reason, I set it on February 2, but no groundhogs showed up. I thought the session went very well, though for personal reasons I had to cut short an anecdote from James about anime and groundhogs.

This is long; we'd better have a cut.

Poor James: there was a pheromone going around and this time, Hari was not the object of affection for anyone. Final results were, as best I can remember them:

  • Glimm: 7 Determination, and Serena currently infatuated with him, but he has to get over her father's bigotry about non-humans dating his daughter
  • Hari: 5 Determination, and willing to help Lenore with that whole "self-control" thing, but she is apparently thinking about transferring to a different school ("What's the difference? With teleportation, they're all just as close. I am so mortified.")
  • Rumspringa: 6 Determination, still dating "Paul" and still hoping her Life Drain will become Healing (used it as a stunt three more times, so it becomes permanent in three more successful uses)
  • Sari: 6 Determination, and helping Tyrone with the part where the guy who wants to kill him is on the loose (and now she knows that Lorn also has a bit of a crush on her)
  • Mr. Able: "Well, I do know a spell that needs a human heart, so I'll just ask the kitchen whether I can keep the Tupperware dish it came in."
  • Dr. Bailey: Very pleased with his new aftershave, since that had to be why Ms. Forrester happened to be looking at him when the pheromones hit her
  • Miz Beasley: Had to have a talk with administration after asking Hari if he was "banging" that pretty lizard girl.
  • Columbine a/k/a Carolyn McCain: Back with Harlequin
  • Ms. Forrester: Mortified and thinking about how to make it up to Simio, the talking gorilla
  • Harlequin: Healing nicely after tearing his own heart out and sorry he can't help everyone by donating organs, but apparently his take over the host
  • Ms. Sanchez: Is never going to mention this again
  • Simio: Annoyed with hairless apes who can't even use correct protocol when dealing with hazardous biochemicals!
  • Vice-Principal Wolf: "You know, getting hit with embarrassing love potions and pheromones just happens, and you have to get used to it or give up." Be extra tough on the kids for a little while and they'll forget about it.

James' writeup is more fun than mine, but I had already written mine, so here it is. Some details are wrong because I don't remember exactly everything. Corrections cheerfully accepted.

A brief recap of the state of the significant others:

About that alien invasion? The adults took care of it.

  • Lenore is still sort-of dating Hari: she finds that when she gets excited, she does the lizard transformation and it takes about three days of calmness before she recovers and turns back into a girl.
  • Glimm has been working on his strategy of not seeing Serena so she can't dump him, but his grades are starting to suffer. (Not that his father cares so much: he's got the duplicator back!)
  • Tyrone is really hoping that the blessing of God shows up in the other hand soon, because having just the wrath of God in his left hand is awkward, but the guy who assaulted them in the coffee shop is safely in custody.
  • Rumspringa is still seeing Damien.

For no reason at all the adventure took place Thursday, February 2, 2012. Digression about anime and groundhogs.

First Crush

Hari, Glimm, and Rumspringa are coming back from lunch out at the Chinese place down at the corner. (Sari has a soccer practice and she saves her money for coffee trips with Tyrone.) The three of them meet a girl in a white dress and a domino mask who is surrounded by dancing telephone poles. She is somewhere in the 19-21 range and having a screaming match with a man in a Harlequin costume. "I'm don e with you!" "You can't because I'm dumping you!"

They send him peacefully on his way, though a telephone pole does fall on a parked car when Glimm breaks her free. (Later events show she could have goetten out easily by herself, but she didn't want to bruise his ego.) She agrees he's a super villain (well, she says "stupidhead") and she removes her mask and claims that she is Carolyn McCain, and she's, uh, a student teacher who specializes in gym. They offer to take her in and she says, "What a coincidence! I was assigned to your school! What was the name of it again?" They take her to the HPS and collect Sari. Carolyn orders pizzas for everyone: it turns out she is related to the McCain family, though they've disinherited her (though she says that shouldn't affect whether they give out french fries, come on Dad, you're embarrassing me....)

Gym is their next class, so they head to gym with Carolyn. Ms. Sanchez doesn't know anything about a student teacher but she's soon distracted by Glimm's fine physique. Hari recognizes the symptoms and force fields up ("life support on," is the phrase). Hari looks up but no one is in the balcony where the holoprojectors are.

Rumspringa flaps her wings to disperse the pheromone, and Hari pulls environmental hazard alarm. That puts the school in lockdown and releases the security bots. The security bots then attack the intruder without an ID tag: Carolyn McCain. She's fine and deals with them. ("After all," she says, "they're only as tough as tanks.")

Vice-Principal Wolf shows up. He calls Dr. Bailey, who comes down while fighting off the math teacher. Bailey locks her out of the gym. Bailey doesn't have the pheromone any more; he disposed of it using approved methods: he called the disposal company, had members of the science club take things down, had safety patrol members wait on the loading dock until the disposal company got there, verified them. He'll work on a solution but really, he's more of a tech guy. Vice-Principal Wolf cancels the lockdown.

They ask him about the pheromone and what will be done, and he says, "You might notice it with the teachers, but if it hits the kids, these are teenagers. How would you know?"

The gang finishes school and by the time the day is done, they've seen several more odd attractions. Unlike the original test by the twisted clone, only one of the pair gets hit. After school, it's time for tutoring with Serena in the library. Glimm gets there late because Ms. Sanchez put him through a rigorous workout. (No, nothing dirty: these are all 13- and 14-year-olds, and the teachers have enough morals that they won't do anything overt no matter how they feel. But Ms. Sanchez is willing to have Glimm wear his gym uniform and lift 8000 kg to get him all sweaty.)

Serena looks at Glimm and then looks at Glimm. Rumspringa points out that it's probably pheromones, but Serena says it can't be. "I've been under the effect of love potions and spells as part of my training, and it wasn't like this." Glimm is overjoyed to have his feelings returned.

Lenore comes in and, instead of sitting near Hari, pulls up a chair to Rumspringa. "Hi," she says. "Do you want"

Sari hears a sound behind her and discovers that Neil is standing near her and just looking at her with puppy-dog eyes. That's when Tyrone waves from across the library and indicates that he wants to see her. Sari heads out and discovers that Tyrone has a police bodyguard. Sari dislikes police, but goes out to talk to them. The guy who attacked Tyrone has escaped, and he's a little crazy on the topic of killing Tyrone, and since Tyrone only has one power and it's lethal, they want to watch him. They have one cop watching the guy's mother in a convalescent hospital and the two with Tyrone because that's all they can afford. Sari grudgingly agrees to let them be around her.

Rumspringa says, "These people aren't in their right minds. How would you feel after a night with someone like that?"

Glimm looks at Serena and says, "Great!"

"Or maybe you want to watch something?" says Lenore. "I have a DVD player in my room." She has scaly patches starting to appear on her cheeks. Rumspringa tries to brush them away but they don't go. "I'll wait in my room. For you. So we can study."

Rumspringa tries to remove the effect of the pheromones on Serena [game effect of pheromones: Alteration Ray, Emotion Control (love the next person you see) 8] and fails, but succeeds with Neil.

Sari returns, having witnessed the commotion about restraining a talking gorilla, who's saying things like, "You stole my girl, dirty human!" to Dr. Bailey. Rumspringa calms him, using a modified version of her healing power.

Serena invites Glimm over to study more, but her father has a hissy fit when she shows up--doesn't want her dating outside the phylum. (Which blows his cool liberal arts professor cred. (And is sort of ironic since he is of a skin colour that knows about racism.) Glimm has to leave.

On the way home, a chunk of picket fence with a mailbox follows him. At first, when he looks back, it appears to be at the front of whatever house he's passing. If he approaches, it retreats to the side of the property. If he comes closer, it goes to the back. Eventually, Glimm just heads back to the school, keeping an eye on it. He tells the others, but by then it's just a fence.

(It "walks" by swaying from one side to the other. It appears to "look" at him with the mailbox.)

In the meantime, the others have come out to find that Caroline has apparently convinced many of the teachers to rollerblade, and they are, going up and down the hallway, and leaving black skidmarks. Carolyn is very happy that they're so accepting, except for that janitor guy who folded when she hit him on the head and shoved him into a closet. (Rumspringa finds him and gets him to the medical center.) And Mr. Wolf is so nice, he refused to give her admission to the school so he could ask her out, and once she said yes, he gave her permission after all! "He's so not like that creepy Andrew!"

Glimm arrives and they go out to look at the fence. It's sitting next to the chunk of iron fence that surrounds the HPS property. In the mailbox is a love note for Carolyn, written from letters cut from magazines: "I lurve you. I loove you. I live you. I LOVE YOU. P.S. Here is my heart." Also inside the mailbox is an actual human heart. (Quoth one of the players: "Well, that moved it from cute to sociopathic pretty quick.")

Hari pops off to the cafeteria to get a Tupperware container for it; the woman asks if the slug problem got cleared up, and was he banging that pretty young girl yet? Hari declined to answer, thanked her for the container, and popped to Mr. Able, the world's Second-Best Magician, to ask him if he could please locate Harlequin using the law of similarity? And then he rejoins the group.

Carolyn said, "Is that another one of his hearts? He grows them back, you know. I don't care if he does come back from the dead for me.... Oop. Gotta go. Gotta check and see whether that heart came from one of my family instead of Andrew." Hari checks; her family is fine.

Rumspringa remembers that Lenore is waiting for her, so they head back to the dorm. She figures that she and Hari will talk to Lenore and try to help her.

On the way across the quad, Lorn comes up and confesses how he really really really (to the nth) likes Sari. Rumspringa "cures" him but it seems to have no effect. (Dum dum dum!) Sari spots Tyrone across the quad and Lorn gets the hint and leaves at Mach 1.

Which is the point when Glimm asks when they put those benches on the quad. And as they watch, a rose-covered arch trellis "walks" onto the grounds.

A few moments work with ESP reveals the Harlequin nearby, so Hari teleports the whole group over to confront him. (Which is when Rumspringa said, "Repent, Harlequin!" which just had to be said.) A fight happens: Glimm gets tied up by an animate lamp ("I must be tired from the workout"), Sari handily defeats the door that's trying to slam itself against her, Rumspringa has some tough times but prevails over the bench, and Hari manages to evade his door but not the Harlequin's stick. Eventually they win and have Tyrone's police escort take Harlequin away.

(The next morning, they learn that Carolyn is gone and someone has broken Harlequin out of jail.)

Rumspringa and Hari go to Lenore's room. She's there, in full Lizardgirl appearance. Rumspringa cures her and then forces her and Hari to stay together watching a movie because Lenore is like totally embarrassed and thinking about transferring. (Rumspringa goes off to find Paul.)

Later that night, there's a knock on Sari's door. It's Lorn. "That stuff I said earlier? It was all the pheromones."

"Right," she says.

"So we're cool?"

"Yup. And next time, don't run with the container open."

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