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Halloween Ball, part 1

The index of our ICONS adventures  | James' post here:

As is now usual, added to as I have time.

Went reasonably well. I think I have to start estimating adventures in terms of how many riffs per player they support, where a riff can be anything that catches a player's attention and gets him to expound. They're right, though: with the right hooks, a side trip to the coffee shop could take all night.

Broke it after Friday night's events, though the adventure doesn't have a good cliffhanger, it seems to me.

Rumspringa's third celebrity was Scarlett Johannsen. (sp?)

James has the timeline unclear so here's how it went down.
  • The tutoring session started after school on Thursday
  • From the pop quiz onward was Friday.
  • We'll pick up on Saturday.
Also, there were two reference books in the pile, but only one went missing, and only went missing for a day. On Friday, Neil discovered that the book was back, but that there were two rituals missing, having been excised from the book with a sharp knife (the kidsculprits not having access to a scanner).

The sequence in the bathroom with Nancy in the shower came off as wonderfully uncomfortable.

It didn't come out in the session, but makes sense that, at the patrol's behest, Chuck (Mr. Able) will provide a copy of the book on paganism that he claims to have lent the Juvies: there is no summoning circle or protection circle in it; the Juvie kids have asked permission not to return their copy until Tuesday, because they want to get the religious details correct for this weekend and the ritual Monday.

Gecko Girl--er, Lenore--and Hari made plans in case the ball was attacked. I think I'll back off slightly from something I said, and make it that one of the dances in your time at Hope Prep is probably going to be attacked, or of the three or four dances a year (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Prom), there's a one-in-sixteen chance that one will be attacked, and over the course of your education at Hope Prep, one is likely to suffer something--an attack by zombies, demon summoning, invading cupids, whatever.

I have to decide on personalities for the dates by next time. Tyrone might have already developed a best-first-date persona to put forward but I don't think so. I think it makes a difference whether the kids inherited their powers or got them in some transformation, or whether the powers are old or new.

Frankly, three of four 14-year-olds getting a date is pretty amazing as it is.

Thinking of Buffy, the best episodes were often metaphors for something in the teenage protagonists' lives. It would be nice for adventure modules in this series to make the subject of the metaphor explicit, for the hurried GM. The adventure need not be about that, as run, of course: the GM and players can do whatever they want. But it might be nice for the GM to have a target in mind when running it. Or maybe that's a stupid idea. I dunno.

It might be that the GM should read the adventure first and then emphasize the elements that emphasize the meaning you want. That's essentially what I did last week--I used invasive parenting as a theme with Neil.

This adventure might be about revenge or consequences, or pretending to be someone else for the sake of love or death.